Two hundred years ago, before the Industrial Revolution, the rivers across North America ran clear and blue. Rivers from the mighty Mississippi to the Columbia flowed wild and clean into the sea.

In the 1800s and 1900s, the growth of manufacturing and agriculture across the continent brought prosperity to America, but at the great cost of unmitigated pollution. In 1969, Ohio’s Cuyahoga River caught fire due to toxic runoff from nearby factories. This incident sparked the modern Earth Day movement and in 1972 helped pass the Clean Water Act, which established much-needed industrial regulations that considerably improved water quality in…

Americans in increasing numbers are choosing wellness lifestyles. From yoga to turmeric drinks, tantra to organic foods, and fasting to superfood smoothies, what was once obscure is now mainstream. In the last 30 years, the benefits of making simple nutritional and lifestyle changes have led millions to question the medical and industrial-food systems.

Families have seen firsthand the damaging side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. People are concerned about a food system reliant on toxic pesticides like glyphosate, now linked to cancer. They question the undue influence of powerful chemical and pharmaceutical companies on government policies. Due to subsidies, these corporations…

In a strange twist, Monsanto and Silicon Valley are now using the vegan movement to justify ecosystem destruction. This dollar-driven endeavor is happening under the cuddly moniker of “plant-based foods.”

Most vegans seek pure, nutrient-dense, organic foods. Yet they’re being fooled by misleading claims made by a powerful duo: ideologues who hate the meat industry and Silicon Valley mercenaries funded by Wall Street. It’s time to unite the plant-based and regenerative movements.

Five Facts on Food:

1. Industrial Ag is the leading cause of climate change.

2. Industrial beef contributes by far the largest slice of Ag GHG emissions.


How the Fires Are Linked to Climate Chaos, Soil Health & Food Choices

In late 2017, Northern Californians suffered a firestorm in eight counties simultaneously, followed by the devastating Thomas Fire (now the largest in state history) in Southern California.

For many of us, the fires provoked a déjà vu feeling of “apocalypse now.” …

The British Empire has schooled the world in colonialism, with resulting devastation in India, Africa, and the Americas. While the colonies’ revolutionary army was successful in defeating the British redcoats more than 240 years ago, today we face a new kind of threat from the United Kingdom.

A University of Oxford think tank, the Food Climate Research Network (FCRN), has come out with a report, “Grazed and Confused,” that likens 100-percent-grass-fed beef to that produced on a 10,000-cow confined animal feedlot operation (CAFO) like Harris Ranch on Interstate 5 in Central California — calling them basically the same in climate…

John W. Roulac

John is the founder of RE Botanicals and Nutiva, and 5 ecological nonprofit groups. He's written 4 books and co-producer of the film Kiss the Ground.

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